We use only locally grown Certified Black Angus Beef. All cooked over a real hardwood fire.

How it’s Done!

R – very red, cool center | MR – red, warm center | M – pink center | MW – slightly pink center | W – cooked throughout

Our steaks + chops menu is ala carte, allowing you to choose your favorite sides.


    • Wood Fire Steaks + Chops

    • Filet Mignon

      6oz $26 | 12oz $46

      most tender, lean yet succulent, elegant buttery texture.

    • 8oz Top Sirloin


      thick “baseball cut”, well aged and marbled.

    • 12oz New York Strip


      A favorite of steak lovers, great marbling, aged to full flavor.

    • 18oz Cowboy Ribeye


      bone-in, fine-grained, juicy rich, beefy flavor and generous marbling.

    • Herb Crusted Prime Rib

      12oz | 16oz – Market price

      dry rubbed cooked slowly in our wood fired rotisserie. (Saturday only)

    • Chicago Cut Pork Chop


      Extra thick cut, 14oz double bone in Chop, dry rubbed.

    • Brazilian Picanha Steak


      chimmichurri marinated steak cut from the sirloin, wood fired, sliced served on herb risotto

    • Dry Aged Reserve

    • 18oz T-bone


      rich and meaty strip loin cut, on the opposite side of the bone is a rich, buttery, small tenderloin.

    • 16oz Bone-in Kansas City


      great marbling, bone-in adds, lean, tender and full-flavored.

    • 22oz Porterhouse


      cut from the end of the short loin having more tenderloin steak, along with a large strip steak.

    • Steak Enhancements

    • Wild Mushroom Duxelle

    • Chesapeake


      Lump Blue Crab & Compound butter

    • Cognac caramelized onions

    • Complimentary Sauces

    • Blue Cheese & Roasted Garlic

    • Horseradish Sauce

    • Make Your Own Surf + Turf

    • Grilled Maine Lobster Tail 6oz

    • Bacon Wrapped Prawns

      3 | $16
    • Alaskan Red King Crab Legs 12oz